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Yamaha CL & QL Series Consoles


Next course: Wednesday 29th March 2017


Sound engineers and systems engineers designing, configuring and mixing on systems deploying Yamaha CL & QL series consoles.

If you are a potential digital console purchaser, a freelance sound engineer, broadcast engineer, recording engineer, a venue or church engineer… come and see what this mixer range can do for you.


Yamaha have arguably contributed more to our appreciation and expectations of the work flow of a modern digital mixing console than any other manufacturer, with the Centralogic interface first deployed on the M7CL forming one of the most established and widely recognised benchmarks in the industry. Yamaha’s latest console ranges, the CL and QL families, have again set new precedents in mixer technologies, being the first major live audio products to adopt the Dante audio transport protocol.

This course introduces engineers to the latest consoles in the CL & QL families, along with Yamaha’s R family of Dante I/O and network interfacing products. Students will develop a comprehensive appreciation of the Yamaha console range, learn how to operate the Centralogic interface, and design and configure large multi-console networks including a unique session on Dante networking.

During this seminar we simulate an event environment with live multi-track recordings. Once the basic console functionality has been explained, you will be mixing live shows in the classroom!


  • Introduction to CL & QL Series Consoles
  • Digital Advantages
  • Console Layout
  • Connectivity & Dante Networking
  • Routing the Console
  • Working the Channel Strip
  • On-board Dynamics
  • Using DCAs
  • Configuring the Mix Busses
  • Effects and GEQs
  • User Defined Keys
  • Scene Memory
  • Mutes and Safes
  • Expanding the Console
  • PC interface and editors
  • iPad control


Students should be familiar with the basics of live sound mixing using either analogue or digital consoles. The focus of this fast paced training will be to familiarise engineers with the Yamaha CL & QL series user interface and to investigate product features rather than to teach generic mixing techniques.


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Dates  29/03/2017                                   28/06/2017                                   11/10/2017

Cost  £30 per person (inc. VAT)