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A managed solution that meets your needs

We know that there is more to a conference than great audio, stunning video or amazing lighting. A conference also needs a set which can create a tone and make a branding statement.

We work with our clients to ensure your brand and message is clearly communicated to your audience through Audio, Video and the presentation set.

We produce exceptional sets, whether you are looking for an off the peg solution from our vast inventory or a custom designed solution to wow your audience. Our value for money approach means we can meet any client’s budget and help them make a clear statement.

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Tailoring your Conference needs

  • Clear Audio

    Creating an Audio solution which provides good clear speech intelligibility for the whole audience is vital when delivering a conference. We have the Technology and expertise to work in even the most challenging of spaces to ensure our clients message is heard. Working with 1 mic or 40 mic’s we have the solution for your conference.

  • Stunning Video

    Whatever your conference we have a video solution that will work for you, projection screens of any shape and size, capable of delivering high definition results.

  • Creative Solutions

    You don’t need to blow the budget to create an impact

    We have the creative thinking that can transform an ordinary conference into one that will be remembered.

  • Conference Lighting

    Enhance the look and feel of your conference with effective lighting.

    Using lighting as a tool to bring conferences to life, whether it be simple static light, LED colour changing treatment or moving intelligent lighting our designers have a suitable solution for your event

  • Other conference services

    Your conference is about more than just the main presentation room. Whether it be small breakouts, networking areas, demo rooms, exhibitions or delegate registration our in house event professionals can deliver value added services and Project Management for as many areas as you want to throw at us.