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Capturing the heart of your event

Our Management team and many of our staff are faith filled Christians, giving us a deeper understanding of these gatherings enabling us to support you in ensuring

We are privileged to alongside some of the UK’s largest Christian Organisations, including Spring Harvest, Soul Survivor, HTB, RCCG, New Frontiers, We are proud to play our part in supporting and facilitating these events. We understand the bigger picture and bring a unique insight ensuring that our team capture the heart of your event and support you in communicating your vision.

Technology is necessary but not sufficient

Providing solutions for

  • Any Venue

    In Concert Halls, showgrounds, cathedrals, state of the art arenas or greenfield sites. Whatever the venue, whatever the challenge, b+h can adapt and design our solutions to create that perfect environment for your event.

    Building custom packages built around people, we understand the needs of this challenging environment and are able to build solutions which can scale, enabling your speakers to reach audiences in venues as small as 250 people and as large as 40,000 people.

  • Traditional

    Classical sound reinforcement requires a delicate touch. The dynamics of a full orchestra asks a lot of any sound system. Our approach with classical sound is always to remain “unnoticed”. We do not want the listening audience to realise that these is any degree of amplification in the classical listening experience.

  • Cathedrals - Built to the Glory of GOD

    These amazing spaces can be difficult environments to hold contemporary services. Often with an already busy schedule of traditional services and access for tourists, facilitating a cathedral event requires careful planning. We work closely with the cathedral vergers to minimise disruption and ensure to ensure that at all times our team maximise the protect of the building.

    We implement complex audio visual solutions, enabling members of the congregation to see from behind pillars and provide clear audio in these acoustically challenging environments.


  • Festivals

    Providing complete technical solutions for your festival, B+H can provide the full package, with state of the art equipment. We understand the needs to provide a high level of energy in the venue whilst also being aware of the potential noise impact further a field. Using complex computer modelling we are able to predict the events impact and provide detailed information to the authorities enabling your event to proceed with minimal impact.

  • Tight turnaround

    Venues can be expensive, We are experts at managing tight turnarounds minimising the amount of time you need to pay for the venue.

    We are experienced at working in some of the UK’s largest arenas including London’s O2, Cardiff Arena, Manchester GMEX, Glasgow Hydro. We are specialists at bringing all the technical disciplines together, creating economies of scale and enabling us to meet tight deadlines delivering one-off events from truck unload, load-ins, rehearsals, event, load outs and trucks leaving in less than 22 hours.

  • Going the extra mile

    We recognise that its our team that make the biggest impact for our clients, we put massive effort into gathering a team of engineers and production managers who understand your event, working in partnership with you we pride ourselves in rising to even the most difficult challenges. Our team look for every opportunity to deliver excellence for our clients.