Distribution & Dimming

Anytronics D612 / D610 6Ch DMX Dimmer

The D612 version of the 2U height Series 192 19” rack mounting dimmer provides 6 channels of digitally controlled dimming and zero voltage switching rated at 12A per output. C13 circuit breaker protection is provided for each output channel with an option to fit neutral disconnection breakers when required.

Output circuit connectors are mounted on the rear panel of the equipment. Typical applications include use in touring racks, and for permanent installations in theatres, studios and schools.

On board level controls (with a Master level control), analogue 0-10V inputs and a choice of none, one or two DMX inputs provide a full range of input options. The input levels on each control source can be seen independently on the comprehensive bargraph menu system which also allows easy setting of preheat, manual level, maximum level, dimming or switching and slew rate on a channel by channel basis, or when required, for all channels at once. The DMX addresses for the two DMX inputs can be set independently using this menu system together with a choice of action after DMX disconnection. Three alternative cooling control regimes for the two thermostatically controlled fans may also be set using this menu system.

Technical details
Dimensions (mm) 530 x 480 x 180
Weight 10.8kg

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