Barco UDX-FHD32, FHD Laser Projector

The UDX-FHD32 features FHD resolution and 31,000 lumens light output to ensure flawless shows with accurate colours at all times. The Constant Light Output (CLO) functionality also guarantees peace of mind by providing constant brightness and colour over time. The UDX platform offers the widest colour spectrum in the industry. Without compromising on brightness, the UDX colour quality matches the renowned Xenon quality and outperforms the Rec. 709 colour space.

Technical details
Technology Type 0.9" DMD X3
Brightness 31,000 Lumens
Resolution HD, WUHD, UHD, 4K - 3840X2400 Pixel Shift
Inputs / Electronics Dual HDBt, HDMI 2.0, DP 1.2, Quad SDI/HDSDI/dual HDSDI/6G/BarcoLink
Dimensions, Weight, Noise 660 x 830 x 350 mm, 92 Kg, 52 dB(A)

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