Multicores & Signal Distribution

Digico DMI-Klang card

Following in the footsteps of Klang:fabrik, DMI-Klang is the first hardware product after Klang and Digico joined forces. Klang took their immersive mixing core and build it with todays latest FPGA technology. The ultra fast and powerful FPGA architecture enables 16 immersive in-ear mixes for 16 musicians of 64 input channels single and double speed sampling rates at a processing latency of a quarter of a millisecond.

Integrated into a DMI card it connects directly to Digico SD and Quantum console’s internal audio stream without any additional hardware IO or overhead. Route any audio channel from your console to DMI-Klang and return the mix to the Aux merge input. Via the Digico Klang console link you can stay in usual mixing workflow, use your snapshots, faders and knobs, but with all the benefits of immersive in-ear mixing. Mounted into a Digico Orange Box the DMI-Klang can be connected to any console with e.g. MADI (Optical, TP, BNC), Optocore, Dante and many other available DMI expansion cards. Or it can be installed in Klang:konductor for additional processing.

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