Microphones & DIs

DPA 4166 Dual-Ear Headset Microphone

The DPA CORE 4166 Omnidirectional Flex Headset is an omnidirectional headset Microphone combining the linear frequency response and transparency of the DPA sound with the modular design of the Flex headband.

The CORE 4166 features a dual ear mount that can be flipped so that the Microphone boom is oriented on the speaker’s left or right side. Available in black, brown and beige, the 4166 also features boom lengths of 40mm, 90mm or 110mm.

The omnidirectional CORE 4166 capsule provides excellent headroom with a max SPL handling before clipping of 144dB. Additionally, as with all CORE by DPA Microphones, the CORE 4166 capsule is IP58 rated for water and dust ingress and comes with a soft boost grid and five windscreens.

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