Multicores & Signal Distribution

DSPRO EtherFace

The EtherFace digital audio interface series has been designed to enable high-channel-count and low latency interconnection of MADI and AES50 devices to a computer.

Because EtherFace uses Ethernet to connect to the computer, it allows multiple Macs/PCs to share the same audio interface. This enables applications such as redundant recording and playback/recording from separate computers.

Besides live recording and virtual soundchecks, the ultra-low latency of Etherface drivers (2ms round-trip) allows you to use your favourite software DSP engine for real-time plugin insertion.

Due to its reduced dimensions EtherFace is portable, giving you the flexibility to install it anywhere you need, from a small venue or studio to a location recording truck.

The AES50 interface has three ports and can handle up to 72 channels at 96kHz in both directions at the same time.

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