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Lightware DVI Modex Fibre System

SFL’s fibre transmission system is based on Lightware’s Modex System. The transmitter can be rack mounted in 19″ and takes DVI, KVM, network and sends it over a single core of single mode fibre. The receiver has been built into a custom enclosure which also has a 1:2 DVI DA built in to give you 2x DVI outputs. It also has an attachment for a hook clamp and a safety so you can fly it off truss next to a projector.

The cabling is Neutrik’s OptoCon Duo system, in single mode. Max distance of 2km.

Technical details
Inputs Neutrik OptoCon Duo, DVI
Outputs Neutrik OptoCon Duo, DVI
Max Resolution 1,920 x 1,200
Features S/PDIF Digital Audio, Analog Audio, 1:2 DVI DA
Weight 1.85kg

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