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Lightware DVI Modex Fibre System

  • Per day225
  • Per week675

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SFL’s fibre transmission system is based on Lightware’s Modex System. The transmitter can be rack mounted in 19″ and takes DVI, KVM, network and sends it over a single core of single mode fibre. The receiver has been built into a custom enclosure which also has a 1:2 DVI DA built in to give you 2x DVI outputs. It also has an attachment for a hook clamp and a safety so you can fly it off truss next to a projector.

The cabling is Neutrik’s OptoCon Duo system, in single mode. Max distance of 2km.

Technical details
Inputs Neutrik OptoCon Duo, DVI
Outputs Neutrik OptoCon Duo, DVI
Max Resolution 1,920 x 1,200
Features S/PDIF Digital Audio, Analog Audio, 1:2 DVI DA
Weight 1.85kg

To hire call 01733 371 250