Microphones & DIs

Sennheiser K6 Condenser Microphone

The K6 Series provides film and video professionals with a modular system of sophisticated condenser mics they can choose from according to the task they have to tackle. The heart of the system is the K6 powering module, onto which the various mic heads are fitted. Omni-directional, cardioid, super-cardioid, short-gun, long-gun…the K6 Series offers maximum flexibility of configuration. Many lavalier mics can also be used with the K6 powering module. Mounted on a fishpole or directly on the camera, the K6 Series microphones ensure high-quality reproduction and unfailing reliability.


Reporting, debates, interviews, public-address equipment, postproduction – with a very low internal noise, a high maximum sound pressure level and a definite insensitivity to wind these microphones cover the area of the spoken word with authority: ME 62, ME 64

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