Signet PDA 200 Loop Amp

The Signet PDA 200/2 professional current mode audio-frequency
induction loop amplifier offers outstanding sound quality and unrivalled reliability at a competitive price. The PDA200/2 is ideal for use in small to medium size rooms up to a maximum of 200 square metres. The amplifier includes two XLR connectors- one balanced microphone input and one switchable balanced mic or line level input. Optional 11V phantom power is also available on both inputs to allow the use of electret or condenser microphones.

The pre-amplification stage of each amplifier utilises an advanced signal processing system that allows tight control over the audio signal without any degradation of output quality. A metal compensation control is also provided to help offset the frequency response problems associated with
the excessive metal content of some rooms.

Technical details
Input x2 XLR
Outreach Power 16 - 21 V d.c
Dimensions (H X W XD) 80 x 380 x 220mm
Weight 3.74kg

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