B+H Invest in Midas PRO-X

SFL have become the first UK production company to take stock of the new Midas PRO-X digital mixing console.

PRO-X and the associated Neutron DSP are a major new development from Midas, representing the next big step from the iconic console manufacturer. The new console and DSP combination now offers the largest channel count capacity ever available from a PRO series console, with capability for up to 168 simultaneous input processing channels and 99 mix buses.
SFL’s Technical Director, Mark Payne, comments:

“This is a major new investment for SFL and represents a significant development in our Midas stock, enabling us to meet expanding demand. We’re excited to have the exclusive accolade of being the first production company in the UK to take stock of the new PRO-X surface and Neutron DSP.

For us this product is about investment into the next generation of Midas with the Neutron brain; this is phase 1, with much more to follow as Midas release additional features and hardware for the Neutron.
There are some significant advantages with the PRO-X surface; not least a greatly improved engineering experience due to the re-worked central section of the console, making the workflow for mixing monitors from a large Midas console better than ever.”