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Fire and Ice Gala

B+H were contacted by the team at Freshtime Futures Trust to provide a proposal for the technical infrastructure of their Fire and Ice Gala at Springfield Conference Centre.

B+H working closely with the venue designed a lighting system to provide dynamic lighting across the venue as well as on stage feature lighting for the live band, The Fabulettes and fire duo Spark Fire dance. Providing a mixture of Robe Pointe moving heads, Source four profiles and LED movers to light the room dramatically as well as draw focus to the stage.

Audio for the event was a distributed Meyer UPA system to cover the width of the venue for speeches and performances. Once all the performances had finished the live band took over with the system providing enough level for the 500 strong audience to dance the night away.

Video for the event was two large 13’ rear projection 16:9 screens providing live video from cameras as well as the live text auction being facilitated by B+H which raised over £30,000 on the night.

John Stokes Head of Procurement for Freshtime UK Said

“A fantastic night for over 500 people with loads of different entertainments with great sound film and lighting in the very safe hands of B & H sound”

B+H were honoured to support this fantastic event to support Freshtime Futures Trust and Young People across Lincolnshire.

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