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Truckfest is the must see show for truck enthusiasts, families and the road haulage industry.

Proud of its heritage in presenting trucks from all over the world, Truckfest is Europe’s Premier trucking event, showcasing a huge variety of trucks from giant American to jaw dropping customised vehicles. With well over 4000 trucks on show across the series of eight events.

B+H were pleased to supply Truckfest with seven events across the UK providing sound and lighting for the main arena and the evening entertainment venue.

B+H were tasked with getting audio around the whole of the three hundred metre arena space for the audience to be able to hear commentary, background music and interviews. Part of this task was to provide flawless coverage of two radio microphones around the whole main arena site.

A key part of the preceding was the start to the season at Peterborough arena which includes the light parade and fireworks. This includes twelve trucks with air horns parading around the main arena with all there lights flashing and firing their air horns. During this time the venues commentator walks around the arena and the system was required to project over the top of the noise level produced by the trucks in the arena.

The arenas programme varies during the day from interviews with celebrities, motorcycle demonstrations, cheerleaders and monster truck shows.

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